Things You Never Knew About Les Miserables


Unknown facts about Les Miserables


The book is based on a prisoner by the name Valjean written by Victor Hugo during the Paris uprising of 1832


Best musical is one among the eight Tony awards won by Broadway production


The first cast was done in London where Colm Wilkinson acted as Valjean, Frances as Eponine before they both did away with their roles in the Broadway production


Fantine in the cast has sung a song called I dreamed a dream which has been featured in many artist songs. The artist include Lea Michele, Aretha Franklin, and Susan Boyle


Les Mis is the longest musical in the globe and in the show criteria, it is the longest show.  The original novel was written in 1862 and this is where the portrait next to the French flag came from Emily Bayard part in the novel. They added best small house plants in the set originally but needed so much upkeep that they removed it eventually.


The show has had a wide range of viewers from 42 different countries, 21 languages and the total population becoming as big as 60 million


Les miserable show is in accordance to a song sang all through the actions made


The show has had 36 recordings cast all through the years


The show has 3 production,  25th anniversary show, the all-star concert and the original that were were running concurrently in London last year making a history


Nick Jonas first appeared as Gavroche a kid on Broadway cast later as the heroic manus in the 25th-anniversary production.  In the Broadway production, Lea Mitchell who is in the show called Glee was the young Cosette in the show


Les Miserable has had a tour nationally in Birmingham after more than a decade


A new movie version will be released with Hugh Jackman being Jean Valjean while Russell Crowe being JavertIn the new tour production there will be more than 5000 props without counting turntable and also the element deemed very iconic not included in the show.  Royal Shakespeare Company that producers have made more than 19 million pounds from the tours they make as reported by BBC